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Galvafroid Zinc-Rich Coating is a brush or spray-applied anti-corrosion coating containing 92-95% zinc in the dried film which confers electro-chemical protection on ferrous metals. It may be used as a primer or self-finish. Explanation of protective mechanism: Galvafroid treatments of iron and steel base their corrosion inhibiting qualities on the galvanic action which develops in corrosive conditions between the zinc and the substrate. The latter is protected even in scratch lines and at points of abrasion, since the zinc surrounding the break is immediately reactivated and corrodes sacrificially in preference to the underlying surface. Zinc corrosion products, which are largely insoluble and impermeable, soon form, sealing the break and protecting the substrate. The lateral spread of corrosion is thereby prevented.

  • Prevention of rusting of all ferrous metals: Ship's plates, Structural steel, Curtain wall,Hangars,Iron railings
  • Ideal for use where galvanic protection is required but where hot dip galvanizing is impractical or uneconomical.
  • Ideal for touch-up of damaged galvanized surfaces: Roof decks, Transmission towers, Culverts, Ducts

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